Meet Our Farmers

Trickling Springs works with North Mountain Co-Op, a network of organic farmers who hold themselves and their farming techniques to high standards. 

Milk not only tastes better but is better for you when it comes from happy, healthy cows.

The farmers who work with Trickling Springs are carefully selected based on their commitment to high-quality organic standards as well as their passion and knowledge for sustainable farming. Like us, they’re stewards of our environment and dedicated to the humane treatment of animals. And, our farmers’ sustainable farming practices have been shown to reduce the carbon footprint of a farm of up to 6%.

When it comes to nutrition, milk from healthy, grass-fed cows tends to have higher nutritional value. It’s richer in omega-3 and omega-6, the two essential fatty acids humans can’t naturally produce on their own. Make sure your family is getting the nutrients they need with fresh-from-the-farm milk.